Thursday, 13 January 2011

First Blog Entry

I am taking a web design and web development course at Conestoga College's Waterloo campus. Conestoga's Waterloo campus has a substantial presence in the IT world of Colleges and even Universities. I am quite fortunate to have found this course as it is the embodiment of everything I need for my career; let alone the fact that it has two things that I love. Graphic design (Art) and development; sweeeeeeeet. I had to choose between taking graphic design at Sheridan or Computer Programmer/Analyst at Conestoga in 2001. Unfortunately my art portfolio was lacking..aka not completed, so programming it was. I have to say that I am quite pleased with the situation I have found myself in.

I am looking forward to learning action script (flash) and Java.

More to come soon...

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  1. Bose.....

    I too am looking forward to the exciting challenges that lay ahead. It's wonderful to be involved with a diverse group a people. So much to share and learn.