Saturday, 19 February 2011

5 Fantastic Portfolio Sites!

I have looked through quite a few sites over the last week and have found amazing visually stunning sites, and meticulously functional sites. I have made comments on the elements I appreciate the most. Each site is brilliant in it's own right and I was inspired. This was a great way to end the week and usher in my weekend. Catch you on the flip side of this long weekend. Take a look at the sites yourself but try not to blaze me too much in the comment section. Enjoy!

The site below is visually stunning; the site is just gorgeous, the richness of the green and the lighting effects come together brilliantly.  the simplistic layout of the works do not take away or get overshadowed by the background and graphic. Check it out I am sure you will appreciate it.

I really like the site below; plus it is from Canada AND on the East Coast. I love the interactivity on the site as well as the menu. I only wish the home menu item was on the main menu and not the sub-menu (bottom right of the menu).

The site below is my favourite; All of the elements fit together and the flow of the site continuous. I love the  menu, the background, the transitions and the interactivity. 

I love the animated graphic on the bottom of this site (pictured below) as well as the presentation of the work done by this developer.

I included the site below because of the transitions to the other parts of the page. The page is automatically scrolled to the right, instead of the traditional top to bottom, to show different content and the effect is very cool. I did suffer a bit of slight vertigo when I viewed this site, so be forewarned.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Media Post

Soon I will be posting a few links of web developers portfolio's that I appreciate. It is great, dare I say more than interesting, to see what people have created and how they share their talent with the world. I am looking forward to emersing myself in the world of design and taking a peek into the vast interpretations web developers have to offter. 

Below is the first video I have ever produced. It will be interesting to see how my work will change over the coming year.

Monday, 14 February 2011


I submitted my project today using Adobe Premiere Pro, which was inspired by all of the rock star web developers out there. While I have enjoyed working with Premiere Pro, I have come to find that my favourite piece of Adobe software to date is After Effects. I still have a ways to go with After Effects but am looking forward to tweeking my animated logo until I get it just right.

I appreciate Photoshop more than I ever have, and will say that I am partial to working with Photoshop and After Effects combined.. if this was a perfect world my favourite software to date would be called PhotoEffects, or AfterShop or AfterPhoto or EffectShop; I could go on but I don't think anyone is still reading.

To all, please have a tolerable week.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Reflections of a client

This past week I played the role of a client, as well as a developer for a client. My designer had the worst luck on the face of this planet. The USB gods decided that they wanted to rear their ugly 'What, you took the usb stick out before it was finished being written to' heads. Needles to say after facing this huge setback, my designer picked up the pieces and delivered a nice Logo. I loved the arrow elements that he created for me. This was a great learning experience on both sides. I learned a few things that I have added to my arsenal; my arsenal of greatness as I like to call it.

I was so close to having a post without a semi-colon. Well, as they like to say, maybe next time. Btw, does anyone know who they are?

Friday, 4 February 2011

Looking back

Looking back on the past few weeks, I would have to say I have learned quite a bit. However if you look even deeper than that you will find that I am obsessed with semi-colons; yes, you read that right, semi-colons. Peruse through the blogs I have posted and you may see that I have a sickness; a semi-colon sickness.

Enjoy the weekend!