Monday, 28 March 2011


Today we presented our C# projects in class. It was nice to see the various ways my classmates decided to solve the problems at hand. Each project was impressive and the different approaches allowed me to appreciate and take note of the alternate ways of solving problems.

During the course of the project, I found that I needed to revisit the uml diagrams created when designing the application. Throughout the design process I made adjustments to my classes and to the database design. To ensure I solved the problem according to the project's specifications, I made minor changes after coding and constantly referred to the requirements for the project. In summary, analysing the problem I needed to solve before designing and coding my application, allowed me to deliver a working system within a relatively short period of time while staying in scope.


  1. I found it pretty helpfully as well to look at the diagram every once in a while to make sure i'm on track. I would also like to add presentation day is fun.

  2. Your project was amazing Bosa! I would use it myself :) The amount of work you manged to do in that short period of time is likewise amazing. Good job.